Thursday, September 01, 2011

Super Life Secretcodes by Great Sun

"Super Life Secretcodes" is a self-help book on the topic of the metaphysical, written by Great Sun, which I can only hope is a pseudonym. Through various anecdotes, the author relays to readers his "tips" on how to live life better. This mental utopia of his--which he swears can be manifested in real life--includes everything from relationships, money, fame, happiness, and health. Lots of the advice has to do with thinking positively and somehow channeling energy into space to be enlightened (even though that word is not explicitly used). In addition to the many short chapters, there are little postscripts that read like letters to readers...and spirits.
I mostly dislike the New Age movement because it promises false hope (e.g.- do this, think this, say this, imagine this, and everything will be perfect).  The author left Christianity, explored other religions, and then met Friend G who gave him his insights.  Now, not everyone has to prescribe to Christianity, but it does not offer false hope.  Jesus says life will be hard but that we can persevere because He loves us.  This Friend G is written as having supernatural powersi, scientific insights and foreknowledge of doom.  I personally think this author has encountered the demonic or psychotic but not some great prophet.  There is a lot of fantasy universalism in this book.  God loves everybody, yes, but there is only one Way.  As a friend quoted, "If my truth and your truth aren't the same, then one of us is wrong."
This book mentions sexual things not suitable for young readers, amongst other mature topics
Reviewer Age:20
Reviewer City, State and Country: Staten Island, NY USA