Friday, September 02, 2011

Starstruck by Cyn Balog

When Gwendolyn Dough Reillys best friend in New Jersey moves away from her all the way to California, the only real way to cope with this is to start eating more items from her mothers bakery. As time passes by she her friend, Wish finally asks her out to be her boyfriend. Dough accepts, but does not realize that he will be coming back to the east coast. As Wish transforms into a bronze goddess, dough has packed on a few pounds. Dough is just waiting for her boyfriend to break up with her once he sets her eyes on her. When they first meet at school, the pictures on facebook do not do him justice at all. Wish is acting really weird around Dough. Not only is he more in love with her then ever, but he is obsessed with the sun and is afraid from the rain.  The only thing is how did wish change from a lanky kid into a Hollywood rock-star? Will he still stay with her once he sees what Dough has turned into? Find out in this romantic, Sci-fi/fantasy mystery! The setting of this book definitely comes easily into the mind. I can totally picture the crappy bakery on the island that Dough lives in. I feel as if I was a fly following Dough around the whole book. The characters take a life of their own. Dough materializes so easy within my head, and all her actions I could see could be easily done. Balog writes her in the book in which her actions are easily seen. Barlog contrasts the character of Evie, Doughs sister, who is so pretty and skinny. Wish is also easily seen and just thinking about him could make anyone drool. Dough is the narrator of the book and she is so funny. Not because she jokes around, but I always start to laugh when she describes how bad she looks. The only thing is she does get a little annoying in the beginning when she talks about how fat she is.
The Author defiantly achieved her purpose, which was that looks are not everything. The writing is age appropriate, which is young adult. The vocabulary was alright for young adult, but definitely could have been a little more difficult. The strengths of the book are the characters and how they come to life, and the setting. The major weakness of the book is how the book develops. In the beginning of the book I barely read a few chapters. Dough was whining to much, but near the end I could not put down the book. I found this book refreshing and very moving. I find this refreshing because most of the books now-a-days in the teen genre are about vampires or werewolves in the sci-fi/ fantasy genre. It was nice to see something new and fresh. It was also interesting to see how the book developed till the end. Which I loved the ending! This book just reinforced that looks are not everything, and that exteriors are not everything. I would definitely recommend this book to others because it was funny and interesting to find out what happens between Dough and wish.
Some talk about sex and drinking alcohol.
Reviewer Age:18
Reviewer City, State and Country: Northport, NY USA