Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Lunatics Curse by F.E. Higgins

In a town named Oppum Oppidulum, a twelve year old boy by
the name of Rex Grammaticus is the son of a famous engineer
and inventor.  His father is pronounced a lunatic by his
evil step mother and taken to a high security asylum in the
middle of a freezing lake. This lake is rumored to be the
home of a giant sea monster and diamonds are believed to be
at the bottom of the lake.  Soon after the story gets going,
there is a jail-break and the head warden of the asylum is
replaced by a mind doctor, who uses hypnotism in crooked
ways.  Rex 's father also escaped during the jail-break and
soon enough found Rex locked in his room by his step mother.
From there, Rex enters into various suspenseful adventures
that help him unravel the mystery of the asylum and the
strange Andrew Fey Society that controls it.
The Lunatic s
Curse was my first book to read by this author and I really
liked it. The characters were very interesting and the story
was good, even though confusing at times for me.  At first,
I wasn't sure I' d like it, but by chapter three, I was
hooked.  I hope that others will like this book, too, and I
think that people who liked books like Artemis Fowl should
especially like The Lunatic s Curse.  It has a good plot and
it is full of action and adventure.  There are a few dull
spots, but it gets interesting again fairly

Reviewer Age:13
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