Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Between Two Ends by David Ward

Between Two Ends, by David Ward, is a good book because it s about magical books.  Yeats, the main character, is a 12 year-old boy with a depressed father and a scared mother. He and his parents are visiting his Grandma s house.  He wants to find out why his dad is so depressed, so he asks his grandma. She tells him that 20 years ago, a girl named Shari, disappeared in the library.  Exploring the library, Yeats finds magical bookends that can transport him into any book.  The living bookends also tell him about a girl they transported into the book 1001 Arabian Nights 20 years ago. Shari was his dad' s best friend.  She never came out. So, he goes in after her in hopes of making his dad stop being so depressed.  However, some book' s spells are not easy to break and sometimes the people in the book lose their memory and become part of the story.  This story tells about love, bravery, mystery and humor.  I recommend this book for anyone who likes a good laugh and a great adventure.  Beware!  This book is addictive!
This book is very good with some unexpected twists. It took a while to get me interested,but once I was,it hooked me for good. The author did a good job, accept at the beginning,where he forgets to lay hooks for the reader.

Reviewer Age:11
Reviewer City, State and Country: Merced, Ca united states