Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rise of the Heroes - #1 by Andy Briggs

When Toby, Lorna, Pete, and Emily stumble on a website that gives them superpowers it soon gets them in trouble. In order to get hero points they must perform jobs. When Toby and Lorna's mother is kidnapped they have no choice but to save her. With their friends' help of course. Can they do all of this even though they get bullied all day from the school kids? Will these mere kids be enough to stop a super villain? Find out when you fly through the pages of this book!

This was a really good book. I loved the concept of how a website could give you super powers. Giving the super powers to little kids and not grownups made the book even better. The book was very simple with a few hard words and I flew right through it. The book had very vivid imagery which felt like you were in the experience with them. Though when your mother is torn away from you I believe you would do anything in your power to get her back!

Mild Violence
Reviewer Age:16
Reviewer City, State and Country: Northport, NY USA

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