Sunday, August 14, 2016

A new student review of A Twist of Fate by Laurie Friedman

Booklover1111 posted a new student review of A Twist of Fate by Laurie Friedman. See the full review.

I choose this book because the cover caught my eye. It was just a sign on a chunk of ice and it made me think, “Oh, I wonder what this book is about?” I didn’t realize that this is the seventh book of the series therefore I was confused about how the characters tied together and had a hard time figuring out how old they each were. The book did jump around from past to present and it was a little confusing. I liked April’s grandma, Gaga, because she was a brave and strong character. What kind of grandma who knows that she is going to die soon, would be brave enough to go skiing in the mountains? I thought that Gaga was an interesting character. Another thing I liked about the book was how the author described each character. I got to know each character better every chapter. I liked how each character was completely different from one another. I really enjoyed this book and I had fun going through the ups and downs in April’s life with her and I think that you will too.