Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A new student review of Sea Spell by Jennifer Donnelly

sakurafrost posted a new student review of Sea Spell by Jennifer Donnelly. See the full review.

I was really excited for Sea Spell, and I wasn't disappointed! There's a lot of danger coming at our heroines from all sides, but also a lot of hope. I love the complexity of Orfeo: he's not just a villain who kills merely to kill; he also has a purpose. He's always sought to bring his dead wife back from the underworld, not caring about the casualties he inflicts doing so. And instead of being cold and cruel, he comes across to Astrid as charming but powerful – fatherly, even. For her, Orfeo is the greatest enemy not only because of his malicious goals, but also because he has a strong chance of turning her over to his side. Besides the characters, the two big battles were well written, suspenseful, and heart stopping because nothing went as planned. Sea Spell was deliciously unpredictable except for a few scenes that I anticipated – the only thing I didn't like about the book. I highly recommend reading the three prequels before starting Sea Spell.