Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A new student review of Twisted (Volume 1) by Brittany Hawes

Sweetfable posted a new student review of Twisted (Volume 1) by Brittany Hawes. See the full review.

This book had a lot of elements which I really liked, such as the humor and the main character, Lola. She has a surpirising amount of depth and I really liked how she thought things through before taking big leaps. The plot was really good as well, and the story moved along quite smoothly. As for the not so good parts, I found some of the roles to be sterotypical and there really was not as much action as I hoped there would be. I found I did really like her writing style, although some of it was a bit confusing to read.

I am definitely looking foward to reading the rest of the series and cannot wait to see how this author develops her writing style more.