Thursday, October 09, 2014

A new student review of Shadowboxer by Tricia Sullivan

awalker10 posted a new student review of Shadowboxer by Tricia Sullivan. See the full review.

This was a better than average book. The action was fairly constant, and kept you on your toes. Conflicting and unexplained characters made it slightly confusing. However, the language and descriptions were highly amusing and created detailed images in the reader's mind. The conflict was introduced fairly late-- there were a great deal of smaller conflicts that took precedence over the course of the plot, but a conflict that united both seperate characters did not appear until over a third of the way in. The flawed and imperfect character of Jade was very likeable and relatable, and you were rooting for her throughout the story. Mya was not nearly enjoyable, as she was more naive and simple, but she was also a well developed character.