Saturday, May 10, 2014

A new student review of Say It Ain't So

Dsun_ posted a new student review of Say It Ain't So . See the full review.

I felt that this story immediately captivated me from the start. Josh Berk has an incredibly good natural tone, as if he was Lenny talking to the reader. I lent Say It Ain't So to a friend during an extremely long testing period because he was bored and after reading for a while, he said it was really good and asked to read it later. After quickly reading it, he told me he really enjoyed the book and would love to read any other books by Josh Berk. I introduced him to the other book called Strike Three, You’re Dead.  Although Say It Ain't So was an incredible book, I believe the mystery part was a bit too rushed and that there was too much commentary for the games. Overall, a great book!