Thursday, October 10, 2013

A new student review of Kid Docs

detectiveginger posted a new student review of Kid Docs . See the full review.

The story ‘Kid Docs’ has an interesting concept about a program that teaches young children medicine so that they can become doctors from a young age (about early teens) and become super-doctors. I liked this idea, and especially the use of medical discourse, even if I didn’t understand many of the terms; it's like another language! I think that the medical words used add dimension to the story ‘Kid Docs’, to give a realistic insight into life working as a doctor and working in a hospital.

‘Kid Docs’ is well written with very few errors, for example on page 42, 'but he breathed when Connor asked him too’; it should be ‘to’ rather than ‘too’. And on page 78, it says ‘Cassie looked at Connor grinned.’ Which doesn’t make sense. Also on page 37, ‘Connor watched Timothy leave the ER, in a wheel chair in his mother's arms’ sounds a bit awkward; did Timothy leave in a wheelchair or in his mother’s arms, or does it mean he left in a wheelchair pushed by his mother?

‘Kid Docs’ is a good story for those who want to read about what it is like being a doctor, or those who like watching medical dramas.