Friday, July 25, 2008

The Shadow Isle by Katherine Kerr

The Shadow Isle is a captivating sequel to The Spirit Stone. The Medieval setting, magic realm, and Celtic background keeps you hooked. As you follow a ruined trumpet's journey you see how different this world really is. Enj, Angmar's eldest son, delivers the broken trumpet to the dragon Rori who delivers it to a powerful dweomor user. Then Valanrdorio appeals to the spirit of the Lady of the North upon Earth to fix the trumpet. Once the trumpet is fixed, Enj blows it and returns his Island back to its original dimensions. When they return home, outsiders try to force them to join their religious cult. It's Human, Elves, and Dragons against horsekins raids and traders.

The Author wrote this book in order to answer questions from the previous book but leave enough doors open to add a fourth book to the series. Katherine Kerr shows great use of imagery and Celtic culture. You can defiantly tell Celtic Culture is a proud spot in Katherine's life. Every time I picked up the book I felt like I was really there. After reading the previous book you have high expectations. This book exceeded all of them. Fans of fantasy and Sci-Fi books like Lord of the Rings and Eragon will defiantly love reading this book. It left me eager for the fourth and you will be to.

Reviewer Age:11

Reviewer City, State and Country: Germantown, TN United States

Rating: 10

Content Rating: 1