Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Rita la Fontaine a 12 year old Dutch-Indonesian resident
living in the Dutch Indies had an incredible life. She
writes her own true, breathtaking story. When the Japanese
invaded their island, she and her family were informed that
they had to leave their home and move to a prisoner of war
camp. For fear of what the Japanese soldiers would do to a
young girl for fun, Rita's father guided her to cut her
hair and pretend to be a boy for the rest of the war. Rita
transformed herself into Rick. One of the most dangerous
things Rita did during that time was work closely with the
Japanese soldiers and leaders. It was very risky because
the Japanese culture shunned women and didn't allow them to
be equal to men, which was exactly what Rita was doing. At
the start of her book, Rita says, "It's easy to give up;
it's a challenge to persevere and to conquer." What would
you do if you were put in this situation? Give up or

Rita's true story entertains, offers historical
information, scares the nerve out of you, and inspires.
Rita shows strength and bravery as she fights for what she
wanted, what was right, and what was best for her family.
This story really helped me out with some things I have
been dealing with and I think it will help and inspire
others, as well. This book was a very fast read and had me
hooked the entire way through!

Reviewer Age:16

Reviewer City, State and Country:
Durham, North Carolina USA