Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Real Princesses by Valerie Wilding

“What is a princess? It’s a favorite dream of many girls to be a beautiful princess, to live in a fairy-tale palace, to wear diamond tiaras, and to dress in fabulous clothes.”

Not quite. Princesses have lots of rules, requirements and expectations burdened on them. They are constantly being watched and judged by the public and they usually don’t get exactly what they want. Most people think princesses are girls who don’t have a care in the world, but that’s not true, they have their problems and things to deal with just like you and I. But, there are also fun aspects of being a “princess”. They usually have opportunities to pursue their interests, sometimes even professionally because they usually have unlimited resources. Some examples in the book include modeling, acting, professional horseback riding, bee keeping, and even the military.

This bright pink and purple non-fiction princess guide was a blast to read! I learned lots about the lifestyles of princesses all around the world. It’s amazing how different African princesses are compared to British princesses. Please don’t let the terms “princess” or “pink” scare you away, once you read this book you’ll realize that they have to deal with a lot and aren’t just frilly pink cover girls. Well, maybe one or two are…

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