Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Paper Hearts by Deborah Williamson

Imagine having no home, no family members, and only 22 dollars in your pocket. 15 year old Chancy Deel knows exactly how that feels. Chancy hitched here way from Pittspurgh, Pennsylvania to Wenonah, Oklahoma just to find a better life. When she arrives in Wenonah she is surprised by the kindsness of 1 sweet waitress, Corliss, a kind old man whose name is Max, with a dog, and a nice woman in a super market. Chancy doesn't realize it at first but she touched their lives just as much as they touched hers. With just a few simple acts Chancy feels like she has found her home in Wenonah, Oklahoma. Chancy happens to find a nice home with just the right numbers. She sneaks into the garage for a warm quiet night. Come morning Chancy finds that she has stumbled into none other than Max's garage. Max who planned on commiting suicide that day decides to give life a try one last time for a young homeless girl who captures his heart.

When I first started reading Paper Hearts I was expecting a tough girl who would spend the whole book defying everyone, and making enemies in every person she came in contact with. Instead I was completely taken back by the sweet generocity of Chancy Deel. She truly felt bad when she had to steal or lie to someone to make her way in the world. If she had to steal food from a store she would leave little paper hearts with the person who she stole from. I believe while reading this book that you tend to think about the person you are and the person that you are becoming, and it is because of the excellent protagonist that Deborah Williamson has created.

Rating (0 - 10 scale): 8

Reviewer Age: 18
Reviewer City, State and Country: dundee, Oregon USA