Thursday, August 11, 2016

A new student review of Lion Island by Margarita Engle

Ampster posted a new student review of Lion Island by Margarita Engle. See the full review.

Lion Island is a story of power, bravery, strength and determination. The book unfolds with elegance and strength, showing the passion that Antonio, Wing, and Fan feel as they go against the law to save their own. Each character has a different personality and skillset. Fan is a character who never sets limits too high, but always fulfills her promises. She is the most loyal character in this book. Wing is a difficult character because of the rage that fills his heart and the revenge that clouds his brain. Wing is a fighter, driven by anger. Wing won’t stop until he fulfills what he sets out to do. Antonio is a free-born boy with dreams to make others free too. He makes many promises to himself, many of which he can’t make happen. Antonio is confused, not knowing in the beginning of the book if he is a warrior of fire or words.


What I love about this book is the power behind every word. Every word has a meaning and inspired passion in me as I read of the horrors going on in that time. It almost brought me to tears when I found out that this story was close to true, and that these outrageous events actually happened in Cuban history. This book made a mark on my soul. Engle writes with such passion and power, pouring her soul into the pages. I felt the confusion and anger rolling off the pages and settling in my heart.


I will never forget this story of hope, peace, love, anger, grief, and victory. Within these very pages is the soul of a young boy, fighting for freedom and life.