Wednesday, August 03, 2016

A new student review of Corrupt Practices by Robert Rotstein

PhilipDeGroot posted a new student review of Corrupt Practices by Robert Rotstein. See the full review.

Overall, I enjoyed reading Corrupt Practices. The characters were very unique and intriguing to get to know, but that made them more difficult to relate to. The plot was very well thought through, leaving no plot holes, but at the same time explaining all the events in the book very thoroughly. The book was written in present tense, which made it a little awkward every once in a while, but I stillI didn’t want to put the book down. There were many surprises and twists in the story that I wanted to keep on reading and find out how it ended, which made me largely forget about the sometimes distracting tense. The main problem I found with the book was the frequency of overly sexual descriptions. While I could get past some of the language found in the book, I did not think these pictures were necessary, but rather that they detracted from the overall quality of the book. In conclusion, for a mature reader, this book is a suspenseful legal thriller unlike anything I have ever read, and I would definitely recommend it. Unfortunately, for a younger or less mature reader, the language and inappropriate scenes make it a no-go.