Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A new student review of Bridge Through Time by Scott Spotson

1231713 posted a new student review of Bridge Through Time by Scott Spotson. See the full review.

Absolutely loved it!  The author drew me into the story from page 1.  It was like going on a roller coaster ride. The time jumps were clear--stated clearly and with dates provided. Total page turner--I have never read a book so fast in my life!  The twists and turns make you say: "Wow. I should have seen that coming... because it makes total sense." It is as if everything we do, every choice we make has a direct effect on the paths that our lives and our reality takes! Many sci-fi books are so unrealistic, but not this one. Bridge Through Time seems totally plausible, totally realistic, and totally a time in our future. This book is a page turner!  A book that, like a roller coaster, buckles you in for the ride--and as the reader, you are happy to enjoy the thrills!