Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A new student review of The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa

iamabooklion posted a new student review of The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa. See the full review.

Right after the second book, I was worried that this series was going to end badly, but it wasn't the case for this book. Julie Kagawa exceeded my expectations on this book. I was so awed at how she wraped up this series. I was on the edge of my seat while reading the Forever Song - that's how good it was. I experienced tons of emotions while reading this story. I was anxious, nervous, happy, and sad! Allie started out to be a weak character but throughout the series she became a strong and powerful character who can do anything and I loved her for that. Although I love this book, I would change one thing about it. I would make it longer than it is because there are mysteries that haven't been solved yet and I want to get more information about what happens after the story ends.