Tuesday, May 06, 2014

A new student review of Counting to D by Kate Scott

taterb26 posted a new student review of Counting to D by Kate Scott. See the full review.

 Counting to D was a good book, though it's very cliched, and I'm not big on cliches unless I actually want to read them. In this case, I didn't. It's pretty boy-meets-girl and boy-and-girl-tension-just-kiss-already. This was apparent on every page.

 The book was sort of slow-moving. Getting past the first 30 pages was tedious. I did finally stop on the 90th page when I felt I had an accurate feel of the book. It just didn't grasp my attention. There would be moments when I really liked it and would be turning pages, but it didn't last long. This is probably what killed it for me.

 There were many good things about the book as well, though. Sam was an admirable main character. Her ways of coping with stress were quirky and I kept thinking that she would be so cool to know in real life. Nate was also a good character, very cute. I liked their friendship, but I feel a relationship was predictable.

 My favorite thing about this book was how it was written. Kate Scott's got a talent. The writing was personal and readable. Scott had good voice throughout the length of the book.

 This was a good book. If I would've gone into this wanting to read something cute, my opinion on this book would've been better, because this book really is good. It's just not my good.