Monday, May 19, 2014

A new student review of Awakening (Hope Trilogy #1) by Lauren Ashley posted a new student review of Awakening (Hope Trilogy #1) by Lauren Ashley. See the full review.

Awakening was a phenomenal book. It had a very good mixture of fighting, love, and intensity. The storyline was well written and kept me interested and there were no boring parts that I struggled to get through. Lauren did a great job of explaining each character and how they fit into the story, each character had a mission and a point, and none of them were there for no reason. I am very excited for the next book to come out, for while this story ended well, it left room for a lot more. I am sure Lauren will pull through and come out with another amazing book that will create just as much suspense and intensity as the last one, if not more. I am looking forward to read the next one and I plan on rereading this one. Anyone who enjoys magic, fiction, love, fighting, or just a good book should definitely look into reading Awakening.