Sunday, March 10, 2013

A new student review of Shadowflesh

R. Mae posted a new student review of Shadowflesh . See the full review.


Shadowflesh was riveting, it was eerie and yet humorous at the same time. The plot was charismatic, but a little depressing for my taste. I enjoyed the characters and their quirky attitudes, although the atmosphere was a little dreary, but that comes with living in a haunted mansion. I felt like the romance  was a little overdone or exaggerated.  Aileen, the main character, was strong willed and a brave girl. I loved the book because of her, and her oddly nerdy friends.  Addison was boring. I liked how nice he was, but his attitude was tiring (being trapped in a prison like death sentence and having to kill random people probably does that to you though). The creative story-line really moved the book along, it mixed everyday life, and the supernatural together exceptionally. Although the book has its flaws, it was still written very well.