Sunday, March 03, 2013

A new student review of Maybe I Will

VBat posted a new student review of Maybe I Will . See the full review.

Maybe I Will was an interesting, fresh look into a topic that is relevant to many teen readers.  

While it threw me off a little in the beginning, not knowing Sandy's gender gives the reader the freedom to relate to the main character in the way they feel most comfortable. The first-person point of view made this gender-unspecific character possible, and provided for intimate looks into Sandy's thoughts and feelings. 

Sandy was a well developed character. I enjoyed reading about the Peter Pan auditions, and getting a glimpse into Sandy's life before the abuse. Details about Sandy's interactions with friends and family throughout the story gave the story depth and added heart to the story. The way that Sandy was betrayed by his/her friends stirred real anger and a whole range of additonal emotions. 

I would have liked for Cassie and Troy to make a few more appearances in the middle of the story, and perhaps add a bit of external conflict to keep the story moving at a faster pace. 

All in all, Maybe I Will is a fantastic story that stirs reader emotions and shares a meaningful story. I would reccommend it to teenagers who enjoy realistic fiction and books like Speak.