Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Pale Death Moon by C.P. Goy

Terry and his friends have been whooshed into another world by a taurus(a kind of portal). They landed in a world on the edge war - a group of people broken away from their leader, who's started sacrificing blood offering to the "black spirits", finds Terry and his friends. They bring them in telling them that their old friends, Yalf, foretold their coming and that they (the people) were to help them. Terry requested their help finding the 3 tumblestones hidden in their world - one of which has reportedly fallen into the hands of their evil leader, Akru. Then, matters get even worse as Terry's new friend from the broken-off village, Pendu, is captured by Akru's men and is meant to be the next blood sacrifice at the full moon. Can terry and his friends find all three of the tumblestones and rescue Pendu, before it's too late?

This book is really fascinating! The wonderful grasp of the English language that the author enriches the book beyond words. It's the best imagery of the landscape, the word choice is fantastic, just... no words to describe it. Also, the writer's huge vocabulary prevents the book from becoming repetitive - instead of saying "the forest was green, and teeming with life", Goy says it at least 20 different ways. The details are so exact it feels like you could tell when a leaf dropped - even though it doesn't say so in the book. (If that makes any sense.) Not only that, but the plot is exciting and really, really deep. As the book goes on,you're able to slowly piece things together, and you realize things like, "Oh! That shadow - that was.... ohhh..... OMG." *reads next page frantically* The whole book was just amazing.

Reviewer Age:14

Reviewer City, State and Country: Santa Fe, TX USA