Monday, January 23, 2012

A Traveller in Time by Alison Uttley

Have you ever wanted to enter a world where history and fact intertwine and intrigue lurks around every corner? Welcome to the world of Thacker s farm. Populated by the Thackers family of Devonshire, the ancestral family farm is also home to some unusual and unnoticed guests the family and servants that lived on the farm during the Elizabethan times. The older inhabitants of Thackers are avid supporters of the young princess Mary, known more commonly as Mary Queen of Scots, and will do anything to aide her in usurping England s throne. When a young girl named Penelope is transported from her present day to the Elizabethan era Thackers, she is immediately caught in a twisted web of plotting and deception. She has the knowledge that has the potential to doom or aide the original Thackers family, but will she be able to convince them of her origins in time to save them?
I liked A Traveler In Time by Alison Uttley because of its intricacy and incredible attention to detail. However, the book seems to ramble unnecessarily in places and is difficult to get into. Still, if you are a fan of historical fiction this book is a great read!!

Reviewer Age:16
Reviewer City, State and Country: Virginia Beach, VA USA