Sunday, January 22, 2012

R My Name is Rachel

I read R Is For Rachel by Patricia Giff. The book is about a girl named Rachel who has lived in the city all her life . Because of the depression, her dad loses his job. Rachel's mom has died so when her dad finds out about a possible job in the country the whole family has to move so he can try to get the job. The family does not want to move away from their good friend Miss Mitzi . Miss Mitzi spends a lot of time with Rachel teaching her important things about life. The house they move to in the country has holes in the roof and needs repairs. Because of a snow storm Rachel's dad doesn't get the job he thought he would get. The family doesn't have much money and has no way to pay their rent. In order to make money Rachel's dad has to leave his children alone while he takes a job far away. The children have to make many decisions while their father is away. All during this time Rachel continues to write to Miss Mitzi.

R My Name is Rachel is a historical fiction book set during the Great Depression. My favorite part is when Rachel sneaks into the school house and takes some books. Miss Mitzi helps Rachel realize she should return the books and talk to the teacher about what she did. I like the characters because they are realistic. They act like a normal family with the kids fighting with each other but helping each other too. Another part I really liked was when Pop and Miss Mitzi decide to get married. I think anyone who reads this book will love it.

Reviewer Age:8

Reviewer City, State and Country: Jackson, Missouri USA