Monday, January 02, 2012

My Beating Teenage Heart by C. K. Kelly Martin

In this book My Beating Teenage Heart a girl is trapped in an unfamiliar place of darkness, with no memories or meaning. All she knows is her name, Ashlyn. Then she stumbles upon Breckon, a teenager torn apart by the loss of his younger sister. While Breckon fights to forget and rid himself of his life, Ashlyn is struggling to gain hers back. As she watches him, she realizes she may be able to help him forgive himself for what happened to his sister. Working behind the scenes of his life, Ashlyn tries to bring back peace to Breckon's life while remembering her own. 

This book is different and written in a new and upbeat style. I could connect it to other books I have read without it being the same story line. I liked how the characters transformed in the book and the plot was continually moving. All of the characters were well developed and fit together to make this book a success. The writing and plot reminded me of Sarah Dessen's writing. I would recommend this book to teen girls who enjoy dramatic fiction.
There was some sexual content in this book.
Reviewer Age:14