Saturday, January 28, 2012

Grey by Rachel Karns

After being left alone in the family jewelry shop for her 18th birthday, Maggie becomes intertwined in a mystery she never saw coming. When she reads a newspaper article on the mysterious unnamed "John Doe", she becomes too curious to help herself. After many days, she's too far in to back out. Will her mistakes effect everyone? Who is this man? Is Maggie not ready for the challenges ahead? All of this is answered throughout the mystery of Gray, a novel by Rachel Karns.
I wouldn't put this book in the genre of mystery, but the suspense at times definitely keeps the pages turning. The problem was there are also some parts that were on the boring side. If you're into some mushy romance, this is partly that. But it is also an intense book on how a teenager goes through difficult decisions, and through this finds herself. In that aspect it is a good book, but this still doesn't make it one of my top choices. I did like the way that it was narrarated through the main characters point of view though. It gave a new prospect on the way she saw people and places instead of descriptions where you could interpret your own views. It was a fresh read and there were parts that I did enjoy.

Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Hermantown, Minnesota USA