Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Dragon's Oath by PC Cast and Kristin Cast

Dragon's Oath is the beginning of the doomed fates of the star-crossed lovers Anastasia and Dragon.  Dragon grew up in nineteenth century England as a rebellious, troublesome teen.  When his father is fed up with his son's embarrassing actions, he banishes Dragon to America.  Upon Dragon's departure, he is marked by a vampyre, a mystical being, to study at the Tower Grove House of Night, a school to learn the magical ways of the vampyre.  At the House of Night, Dragon becomes a skilled swordsman and warrior.  He also meets Anastasia, Professor of Spells and Rituals.  These two vampyres, from completely different backgrounds, come together to face a rising evil, but what will this threat do to their relationship?

As an installment in the House of Night series, the book added a decent amount of value to the continuing story arc, and I am interested to see what happens next.  However, as a standalone book for the casual reader, there definitely isn't enough substance despite its easy accessibility.  I was intrigued by the combination of the vampyre myth and magical realms.  This world isn't often created nor explored.  Another unique set piece was the fact that the Houses of Night are in U.S. cities with humans living nearby.  The clash between vampyres and humans will be an interesting plot point as the series continues.  Unfortunately, the story and dialogue doesn't grip you like other notable sci-fi/fantasy series, but Dragon's Oath may provide some value for those who enjoy the series.

Reviewer Age:21
Reviewer City, State and Country: Eden Prairie, Minnesota United States