Monday, January 09, 2012

Borrowing Abby Grace (eBook) by Kelly Green

Borrowing Abby Grace by Kelly Green. When Abby Grace wakes up, she is in the back of a moving van driven by two men wearing ski masks. She can’t remember anything, including her own name. After escaping from the kidnappers, she is returned to a home she doesn’t remember full of things and a father she doesn’t know. While standing in her unfamiliar room, she is approached by a boy named Will. He tells her she is a Shadow. She is inhabiting the body of a girl named Brooke and she has some sort of mission. If Abby doesn’t figure out what her mission is and complete it in time, she will be stuck in Brooke’s body forever.
This novella is not even fifty pages. The writing is mediocre. It falls under the heading of most teenage girl fluff novels. It’s not something I would recommend to a friend simply because it has no substance to it. It is too short to become attached to any of the characters or the story, and the writing is neither compelling nor exciting. The story line is average and not that interesting.

Reviewer Age:18
Reviewer City, State and Country: New York, NY United States