Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Start It Up by Kenrya Rankin

Start It Up is a handbook written specifically for teens that explains all the steps of starting your own business. It leads you through finding possible businesses that fit your passion, trade marking the name of your business, and hiring employees. Start It Up contains much more including: how other teens started their now-huge businesses, quotes from those teens, and suggestions from The Tip Jar. Also, at the end of every chapter there are resources so you can find more information on that particular topic. With only 155 pages, Start It Up is a concise and informative read.

This book's format was spot-on. Author Kenrya Rankin chose a step-by-step format for Start It Up, which is perfect for working on your new business as you read. The major emphasis of the book was getting paid to do something you love, which makes work that much more enjoyable. She speaks our language through her writing, and explains terms and concepts thoroughly. Additionally, the book has you actively reading by having little note-taking breaks where you brainstorm or jot some quick thoughts down. The only major problem I had with the book was the abrupt ending. Directly after she gives the last step to your entrepreneur journey, the book ends. It would  have been improved by a final word or a quick summary at the end. Also, there were a few editing errors, such as a random symbol in the middle of a quotation and a sentence starting on one page and having a new sentence on the next. Besides that, I greatly enjoyed the book. I would suggest it to any teenager who would like to earn money, or who dislikes their current job.

Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Leawood, KS United States