Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey

Violet is a troubled girl who follows her fraudulent medium mother around London city selling phony s←ances. When Violet and her mother are invited to a country house for a series of seances, Violet finds that she can actually see and talk to ghosts and is pulled into a murder mystery of the sister of one of the guests. When Violet s mother gets discovered, Violet must step up and replace her. On top of all that, Violet has fallen for her long time companion, Colin. Can Violet hold seances, solve a murder, help a ghost find peace and take control of her love for Colin?
Haunting Violet is a story that has you on the edge of your seat. It s a story with romance, mystery and the super-natural. I liked the book a lot, it s the kind of book that keeps you up all night reading. There was a bit of violence but nothing terribly gruesome. I frankly think there was a little bit too much going on at some parts, it was a bit confusing, but otherwise the characters were very authentic for the time period that the story was set in, and I really like the plot. I think all readers will enjoy Haunting Violet.

Reviewer Age:11
Reviewer City, State and Country: UKIAH, CA United States