Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Guardian by Robbie Cheuvront and Erik Reed

Anna was given a gift and an option. Stay home and live a
normal life or travel the world to unlock the secret of the
scroll of John. Back in time, two hundred years ago, the
disciple John was given a scroll that would unlock the key
to the apocalypse. No one has ever solved it and now it s in
the hands of college student Anna Riley but there is danger
ahead. A very evil man, let s call him Prince, is after the
scroll and wants to use its power to conquer the world. Anna
races to solve the puzzle, beat the villains, and figure out
more of her mysterious life. This is a journey so dangerous that the Pope may not even make it.
 The Guardian had an amazing story-line with enough twists
and turns to keep you on your seat and wanting more.  The
story definitely flowed smoothly and had me wrapped up in it
so I just couldn' t stop reading.  The characters also really
made this story, Prince with his stunningly evil ways and
Anna with her humor. Even the Pope himself gets in on the
adventure! This book was fun, fresh, and has an ending I' m
sure no one will want to miss.

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country:
Leawood, Kansas USA