Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Coronets and Steel by Sherwood Smith

Kimli Aurelia Atelier is on a mission, gallivanting through Europe to find the missing ancestral link that may save her beloved Grandmother. At first it appears to be an utter failure but, after a few strange experiences, things start to get more exciting. The trip soon transforms into an adventure of fast-paced action, dark secrets, and a doomed love. Mistaken for the princess of a distant country, a place that is disconnected in more ways than one, Kim finds herself in an utterly foreign land searching for answers. She is soon unveiling mysteries she never knew existed but will prove vital to her family, her Grandmother, the continued survival of an entire nation, and her own life.

This is a fascinating novel with a very interesting concept providing the basic plotline. Parts seem a little too contrived and the book did not captivate me in the beginning, but as the pace picked up, I found myself enjoying the novel very much. The writing was fairly basic yet the topic so unexpected and entertaining, I didn t mind. The description was consistently clear and I found myself picturing the scenery as I read, which made and book more realistic and helped me disregard the parts I felt were too unbelievable. Kim is a very strong character, who retains her personality throughout the entirety of the novel and has enough self-reflection that I can clearly understand who she is. Her modern perspective on a very strange situation greatly contributed to my liking the book, as I could relate to the words she used and the connections she was making. The ending of the novel is certainly captivating and, I believe, demands a sequel. I would recommend this novel to those that like the correlation of the modern world we live in and a fantastical one that is far removed from our time, as well as those that like mysteries, adventure and romance.

Reviewer Age:16

Reviewer City, State and Country: Needham, MA USA