Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stringz by Michael Wenberg

For Jace Adams life has never been really easy for him. His mother moves them from place to place always looking for a better job. Jace on the other had moves from school to school, sometimes four schools in one year. The only thing that can keep him sane is his cello, and whenever he plays his cello Jace goes into a different world. His most recent move is to Seattle. When money is tight at home Jace decides to go to downtown Seattle to play his cello for some extra money. When Jace is finished for the night he collects his belongings and starts to count his money. Jace soon finds out that someone threw in a hundred dollar bill with a business card attached to it. What will happen to Jace? Will he call this guy who gave him a bribe ? Find out when you read Stringz.

I love the beginning of this book it is very comical but still very true. The author did a great job in the setting, characterization, and overall concept of the book. I believed that I was in high school as a freshman all over again. Also I felt that the main characters where my best friends and that they were truly human beings. The writing of the book was very easy to read and very effective. I feel that this book was very interesting. Anyone who likes to read a good book that shows the hard ships of a young person and also an amazing cello player then this book is for you. If you also like coming of age, comedy, and some serious moments stuck into a book you would also like this too. All in all a very good book that I recommend everyone to at least pick up and read.

Some drug references.

Reviewer Age:17
Reviewer City, State and Country: Northport, NY USA