Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Short Circus by Stephen V. Masse

Jem Lockwood has just got back to school and his first
task is to write a report on his summer vacation. Short
Circus is Jem's story about all of the adventures he went
on with his friends and famliy. Jesse Standish is Jem's
older brother through the Big Brother Association and he
may be forced to move. That is one of Jem's problems
along with someone destroying the swimming pond, and
problems among his friends. Will Jem even make it through
the summer?

I didn't like Short Circus very much. In
fact, it was difficult to pick up and read because I
wasn't really interested in it. I couldn't finish the
book. I thought Short Circus had a weak plot and no
rising action. There was not much happening throughout
the book. It is written in a kid's point of view, but it
is not like what a kid would do. If I had a say in the
making of the book, I might make it more of a narrative
instead of a first person story.

I thought the book was
uninteresting. I had a tough time getting into it. There
wasn't much action or interesting things

Reviewer Age:11
Reviewer City, State and
Country: Randolph, NJ United States