Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Princess of Glass

Princess of Glass, a retelling of Cinderella, is a companion
novel to Princess of the Midnight Ball. In this book, Poppy
and her unmarried sisters are sent to different countries
through a royal exchange program of sorts, to promote better
relationships between countries and, hopefully, result in
some marriages. A second aspect of the story is Elenora, a
girl who went from riches to poverty when her father's
business transactions did not pay for their lifestyle and
both her parents died. She changed her name to Ellen, and
started working as a maid. Somehow, she always ruins
whatever she does. One day, an invitation to a royal ball
comes to the Seadown household where Poppy is staying with
her cousins and Ellen is working as a maid. It invites all
the eligible women in the household, and Ellen insists on
going. Ellen does not go to the ball, but a mysterious Lady
Ella does.
This book is as good as, if not better than,
Princess of the Midnight Ball. The suspense steadily builds
as Poppy gains information, but still has no idea how to put
a stop to Lady Ella. There are some sketchy ideas that could
use elaboration, but overall the story makes sense. There is
also a side love story, adding to the plot. Although you
don't need to read the first book, there are references in
this book to tie the stories together. Princess of Glass is
an amazing way to twist Cinderella into a completely new

Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and
Country: Milwaukee, WI USA