Monday, March 24, 2008

My Life: The Musical by Maryrose Wood

Philip and Emily's love for the play Aurora is nothing short of an obsession. It is an obsession that takes them to see it on Broadway every week (with the help of a loan from Emily's Grandma). When the show threatens to close, Emily has some questions. Why is the show closing? Who keeps bad-mouthing Aurora on-line? Why does her English teacher hate the show so much? Most importantly, does Philip like Emily or not?

I thought this was a good book because the author clearly explained how the characters felt about problems and solutions. You could understand every single thing they did in the story. I wish the author said a little more about the actual play, though, to help the reader understand why Emily and Philip cared so much. That might help readers feel the magic. I found the book very interesting, possibly because I like musicals very much. I would recommend it to other readers who are theater lovers as well.

Reviewer Age:12

Reviewer City, State and Country: Exeter, NH USA

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