Friday, October 12, 2007

Speak Easy

Speak Easy is an informational book comprised of 52 ideas to
help you become a better public speaker. Along with the
main text of each chapter, small bits and ideas are scrolled
along the margins. Also, each chapter concludes with a
question and answer page. Idea topics ranging from the
events at which you choose to speak, to handling a
technological failure during your presentation are
discussed. The author offers stories, anecdotes, and
easy-to-remember statements in order to make you a better
public speaker.

I thought this was a very informative book. The author
really covered all aspects of public speaking in presenting
the 52 ideas. This book is one of a series that portrays
the theme of 52 ideas. I really liked how the author
incorporated smaller ideas into the main idea of each
chapter. It allows readers to choose which ideas they like
and wish to try. The flexibility of this book is its
strongest asset. At first, I didn't agree with some of the
points the author was making, and I was left wondering about
the consistency of the arguments. However, I realized the
author's purpose, and can now understand and appreciate the
basis of the book. This book would be great for all
speakers, but I highly recommend it for beginner and
intermediate level speakers.

Rating (0 - 10 scale): 8

Reviewer Age:17

Reviewer City, State and Country: Eden Prairie ,
Minnesota United States

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