Monday, October 15, 2007

The Shadow World (The Eidolon Chronicles)

Ben Arnold's mother is going away. He's not happy about it,
but he knows she has to go. See, she's not just his slightly
wacky, laughing mom. She also happens to be Queen Isadora of
the Secret Country of Eidolon, and things in her kingdom are
not going well without her. So, Queen Isadora, Ben's mom,
needs to leave her husband and two of her three children
behind to go back to Eidolon and try to restore the balance
between the two worlds. She'll be taking baby Alice with her
as Alice, it seems, is destined to be the future Queen of

Book II of the Eidolon Chronicles, THE SHADOW WORLD picks up
the story of the evil Dodman, a villain who's eight feet
tall and has the head of a dog. Dodman has enlisted a crew
of goblins, trolls, and an ugly giantess (who wears leather
and spikes!) in his quest to take over the Secret World. All
he needs to do is get Queen Isadora out of the way. With the
help of his sneaky ally, the Sphynx, Dodman puts his plan
into motion and Ben's sister Ellie, who doesn't share any of
their mother's magic is in real danger. Can Ben save Ellie?
Will Queen Isadore take her rightful place and restore peace
to her kingdom, or will Dodman and his dark minions be too
powerful to beat? Read the SHADOW WORLD to find out!

I thought The Shadow World was pretty good. I liked the
personalities of all the characters, especially Iggy the
cat. I loved the way that Iggy could communicate with Ben
and his mom by talking to them. This was my favorite thing
about the story. This book would probably be a great read
for anyone who has read and enjoyed the Narnia Chronicles,
as it's got plenty of magic and fantasy. I would recommend
this book to readers ages 10 to 13, especially those who
enjoy fantasy and science fiction.

Rating (0 - 10 scale): 8

Reviewer Age:11

Reviewer City, State and Country: Saugerties, NY USA

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