Sunday, June 08, 2014

A new student review of The Geneva Project - Truth by Christina M. Benjamin

kendrat71 posted a new student review of The Geneva Project - Truth by Christina M. Benjamin. See the full review.

Honestly, I didn't really like this book. Within the first few chapters I knew that it would be a challenge to finish. There were many literary discrepancies that I found difficult to overlook. Within the first few chapters, glaring math errors were catching my attention. The book states that the Flood occurred ten years ago and Geneva was barely one when she was found. However, Geneva assumes herself to be twelve, one year younger than the youngest group of orphaned children that survived the Flood. One of her close acquaintances reveals that he knows his real name, as opposed the the John (or Jane) #__ that every orphan has been assigned. Being in the youngest group, it seems rather sketchy that he could know since he could not have been older than two or three and had undergone a traumatic experience.

The magic aspect, though intertwining with the storyline, seems like it was only added into the last draft as an afterthought. It read like an oval being pushed againt a circle slot; it just didn't fit perfectly.

This book definitely did not make my favorites' list. I really wish that I could have liked it, as the idea was intriguing and unique. Perhaps the next books in the series are better, but I won't be finding out.