Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A new student review of The Unwanteds (Island of Fire)

Rainbow Shard posted a new student review of The Unwanteds (Island of Fire) . See the full review.

I loved it.  Lisa McMann continues to weave her magic in a way that is both strange and touching.  The intricate plot held my attention the entire way through.  However, this tale isn’t just a riveting adventure.  It’s also a story of heartfelt emotions.  I really felt close to these characters, and believed I was living through these acventures with them.  At times, I wanted to cry; other parts made me laugh, sigh, mentally cheer on the characters (does anyone else do that?), and just collapse from desperation.  A beautiful tale of the true meaning of loyalty and friendship, this tale will not soon be forgotten.  I eagerly await the next chronicle in the Unwanteds sequence, and expect the best is yet to come!