Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A new student review of Beyond the Cell

Jigub posted a new student review of Beyond the Cell . See the full review.

In every book I read, there seems to be phrases, or even paragraphs that just catch my attention.  I chose this book because the idea of a 16 year old girl being held captive at a prison that is hidden among mountains intrigued me.  Segregation has been around for a very long time and in fact, it has even been the cause of wars.  Tribble does a fascinating job at showing the way segregation works in her book.

You see, this book has caused me to think.  We’ve all been segregated before and this book has opened my eyes showing that not only humans face segregation, but, if they exist or not, mythical creatures do too.  The main character is one that can be related to.  She may be young and a little foolish at times but she craves freedom and stability.  I know exactly how that feels and I know for a fact that the readers of this book will relate as well.

I encourage readers to read this book.  While this book doesn’t have as much  detail as I would like, and it may seem as if it was quickly paced, the book is still well written with a good plot and setting.