Saturday, August 17, 2013

A new student review of The Social Code

VBat posted a new student review of The Social Code . See the full review.

This geeky drama is fun and original. The plot is ripe with backstabbing fun, and leaves the reader constantly second-guessing every character. No one's loyalties are clear, and the constant surprises keep the story engaging.  

Amelia is a lovable character, and her passion for coding brings her personality to life. Her sweetness is contrasted by the extreme greed and betrayal that surrounds her, but this only serves to highlight her strong moral compass. 

Adam, while not quite as lovable as Amelia, is relatable and realistic. His aspirations are not inherently greedy, and his romantic relationship with Lisa adds a bit of romance to the thrills of Silicon Valley. It is obvious that he and his sister care about one another, and this dynamic adds depth to the story. 

The Social Code is a modern, techy take on the typical teen novel. Whereas most novels focused on college kids are all drama, this one is drama with a high pressure career environment and thrilling Silicon Valley twists. Hayes leaves just enough loose ends for her readers to anxiously await the second book in "The Start-Up" series. 

*note*  Before reading this novel, I would recommend brushing up on Silicon Valley culture. I was fortunate enough to have read a book involving incubators and investors in San Francisco recently, and my understanding of The Social Code was greatly enhanced by the background knowledge I acquired.