Sunday, September 23, 2012

Under My Hat by Johnathan Straham

Under My Hat is a collection of short stories written by notable fiction authors such as Garth Nix, Neil Gaiman, and Jane Yolen. The stories have an equally notable subject - witches!  One of the greatest figures in fantasy and folklore, witches have come to life, spellbinding as never before, in the pages of this book.  A vengeful grandmother skeleton, a lovely cat-woman, and a certified wizard are a few examples of the variations of the classic witch that appear in the tome.  The magical qualities of these stories come not from a potion, spell, or familiar, but from the words the authors have written, collected into one bewitching book.

I was spellbound!  I swear, every time I closed the book, it took a moment for the world to come back into focus, as I had to shake of the magic woven in the words.  Every story was written so clearly, I could see it happening - and I still can!  I loved each tale, and am sure that when I read them next, they will captivate me just as much as the first time.  Nothing in this book seems as if it should be real, and yet it is, brought to life by the authors' pens.  Many of the witches were not traditional, as woodcarvers, men, or rock musicians!  Even those who don't believe in magic will find this book bewitching - and may change their views!  This book has as much magic as a boiling cauldron (probably more)!

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Lake City, IA USA