Sunday, September 02, 2012

Out of Control by Rick Jasper

In the book, Out of Control, by Rick Jasper, Carlos 'Trip' Costas is a key player in his all-star team, the Roadrunners. But when baseball starts becoming more of a chore than a sport to Trip, he asks for a break. When his father, the international superstar Juilo Costa, hears that Trip will be sitting out for a few weeks he threatens the whole team into financial devastation. Trip must decide to live out his father's dream or his own, music. With the help of his best friend, Lisa, the coaches and an unexpected injury, Trip finds a way to continue his music and baseball.The book "Out of Control" by Rick Jasper was a book about Trip trying to break away from his father's expectations and follow his own dreams. This book was a quick read with an easy to follow plotline and an insight on the sport of baseball. The characters and situations were all well developed by the end of the story and were easy to relate to. The story was also fast paced and never settled at one point for too long. I would recommend this book to whoever is looking for a quick read or any sport/baseball fans.Reviewer Age:14