Friday, December 23, 2011

Shadow Magic By Kitty Wells

     Maddy Lloyd is a girl with a magic secret. She has three

tiny ceramic cats that one at a time comes to life. The

pocket cats help Maddy to solve problems. It's when her

cousin Chloe moves in the house that Maddy meets Nibs, the

second cat. Nibs tells Maddy that there is a problem in

the house and she believes that has something to do with


     Maddy's cousin Chloe is in middle school, she is not very

friendly to Maddy or anybody and this is because she feels

homesick. Thanks to magic powers, Nibs makes Maddy

invisible and this helps her to spy on Chloe. Maddy will

find out the problem and when it is solved, Nibs goes back

to be ceramic and Maddy waits to meet the next pocket cat.

     I liked the book because it is about magic. I also

liked the fact that the cats came alive and they act like

real ones even if they are two inches tall. I loved the

main character Maddy because she is a kind and caring

girl. Her determination also helps her cousin to stay and

make new friends. I wish I could live the same experience

as the main character since I love magic and cats.

My favorite part of the book is when at the end Chloe

apologizes to Maddy for being rude and they become closer

again. I admire the forgiveness of Maddy to her cousin and

the real friendship that unites the two girls. These are

special feelings.

     I will recommend this book to a friend because the story

is interesting with a hint of magic. In conclusion the

story is amusing but at the same time helpful to kids by

teaching how to deal with everyday situations and making

the right choice.

Reviewer Age:9
Reviewer City, State and Country:

newburgh, ny usa