Friday, August 05, 2011

Soppy vampire books

Soppy vampire books really... Grrrr... they really destroy all admiration I held for all those novels beforehand which portrayed the deathly horror of good old fashoined vamps. Yes, I am one of those who recoils in desgust at the books plastered in stupid people posing about thinking 'look at me I'm so cool - I'm in love with this vampire dude, and, and, he's just soo deep'... grrrr (again). Look guys, I've got nothing against those who like this genre (if it can be classed as one), but who here has the decency to agree with me? P.S. as my little brother stands over me whatching every word I type, I feel obliguied to add that he said "Soppy vampire books really pop my spine" - which in all fairness doesn't make much sense but he gets the jist. (ah, lil bro, you so crazy!) I apolagised if I sounded cruel and unsavoury, I really am... but can you convinse me that there's even one good vampire book out these days?

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