Thursday, April 07, 2011

Killer Pizza: The Slice by Greg Taylor

In the beginning you find yourself at the Killer Pizza Headquarters in New York City with Toby Strobe and
Annabel. They get sent on a chilling mission to track and help a Dekayi girl called Calanthe, all the while being chased by a morphing invisible Rukh. They get her safely away with the Rukh hanging on his last shred of life. Calanthe then becomes a "normal"  Hidden Hills teenager.  She admits that she is expected to be the offering to one of her gods in a sacred ceremony. Then she tells them her people will stop at nothing to get her back. Will they win the battle and save Calanthe from death? Read this monster busting book to find out.

 Greg Taylor creates a world where danger hides behind every corner. The book makes you feel like you're fighting the monsters yourselves. This is one of the great monster books for teens and older kids. Fans would want a third book. This book may lead you on to other action books!

Reviewer Age:12  Uxbridge, Ma USA