Saturday, April 02, 2011

Daugher of Xanadu by Dori Jones Yang

In Daughter of Xanadu, by Dori Jones Yang, 16-year-old Emmajin is the royal granddaughter of Khubilai Khan. Instead of marriage, her interests lie in joining the army. When her grandfather, the Great Khan, asks Emmajin to befriend the foreign traveler Marco Polo and to learn his secrets, she does. However, Emmajin starts to actually enjoy the company of this clueless man, instead of dreading it and dismissing his odd western customs. Emmajin begins to see some aspects of her country and culture through his eyes, such as the focus on conquering. She doubts her way of life and starts to feel closer to Marco Polo.

Daughter of Xanadu was an interesting book with a fairly original storyline and characters. Emmajin was very different from other girls of her age and rank, girls only concerned with marriage. This well-written book captured Emmajin's concerns and drew the reader into the story with its dialogue. While slow at times, the unusual plot keeps the reader going. Most readers will relate to Emmajin's character due to her strong will and ambition. It was very interesting to read about the Mongol Empire. This is a great novel for fans of historical fiction.

Reviewer Age:18
Reviewer City, State and Country: Charleston, SC United States